La Vita E Bella

Pizzeria. Pasta. Grill.

We use our years of experience to create fantastic Italian food in the heart of Angel, Islington. Combining fantastic ingredients with the ability of our chefs to create fabulous tasting authentic Italian food using traditional cooking methods.

As well as the great food we have created a fantastic atmosphere at La Vita e Bella and our large restaurant is perfect for any type of event, whether it be a group meal using one of our large party rooms or for a meal as a couple in one of our smaller, more intimate rooms.

Italian Kitchen 

Pizzeria. Pasta. Grill.

There is a great tradition of great quality in Italian food. What is important is to use the right ingredients as opposed to a huge number of them, leaving you with food that is rich in flavour, but not overpowering.

The Mediterranean diet advocates the eating of fish, chicken and lots of vegetables. It also puts a lot of importance on living a healthy lifestyle and enjoying eating with family and friends. We stay loyal to this at La Vita e Bella and make sure the every part of each visitors meal is as perfect as possible.